Monday, June 22, 2009


There is a man in my life.
We have been together... forever.
Each time he sees me, his eyes light up and smile.
He calls me often just to say "I love you" "I am so proud of you" "I am solidly behind you" "When are you coming home, we miss you".

His love for me is unconditional.
His love makes me a bold and confident woman.
His love for me makes me feel that I can do anything.
He cherishes me.
I am his only girl.

He pushes me be a better woman and to reach higher.
He wants me to be secure and independent.
He wants me fly and take the world by storm.
He sees in me potential.

He teaches me to be honest
He teaches me to have dignity and integrity
He teaches me to have compassion
He teaches me not to settle for less than I deserve.
Because of him I can hold my head up high.
Because of him I know my worth.

He prays for me.
He prays for my success.
He prays that God will bless me and all that I do
He prays for my family that is yet formed
He prays for my children who are yet born.
When there is a situation that is too much for me to bear alone, I call him.
He prays.

He celebrates all of my victories, both big and small.
He celebrates me.
He trusts me. He respects me.
He values what I say.

And even when we disagree.
When we argue.
When we fuss and fight.
...I know he loves me.

He never wants anything from me.
When I give him something, no matter how small;
He receives like I have given him the greatest gift.
He always wants to give to me.
He always wants to do for me.
He needs to know that I am okay.

He is stern, and serious.
But sometimes he catches me off guard me a joke.
Sometimes he is funny, sometimes he is not.
He laughs at himself, and I laugh with him.

I love when he laughs
I am his friend, his teacher, his biggest fan.
I am his daughter and his mother.
I am the protector of his household and his name.
I am his future.
I am him.

He is my friend, my teacher, my biggest fan.
He is my god here on earth. He is my inspiration.
He is the voice in my head that shows me the way.
I often ask myself, "What would he do?"
He is my wealth. He is my pride.
He is mine.

He is my Father-the first man in my life who has set a high standard my Husband and the father of my children.

Happy Father's Day, Everyday to my Daddy,

Chikwendu Friday Nwoko from your daughter, Chinwendu "Chichi" Ofor-Nwoko

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