Monday, June 22, 2009


My Dearest daughter Chichi,

Thank you a trillion times.
This is a masterpiece from the soul of an angel.
It is profoundly thoughtful.
It is revealing of your magnificent personality and the grace in you.
It illuminates the great blessings the Almighty God has deposited into your life.
These blessings are soon to manifest unhindered and unabridged to the glory of God's name.

I know that you and your siblings are going to make it very-very big in spite of any challenging circumstances.
Men and Women marrying into Nwoko family will help to build.
They and their families shall be affected by the prosperity and peace in Nwoko family.

From generation to generation, the Nwokos shall be the blessed of God.
Like the sons of the Nwokos and their generational offspring, the daughters of the Nwokos and their offspring shall carry these blessings with them wherever they make their home.

That is the promise of God to me.
This promise is the divine favor that keeps my hope aflame.
My beloved Roseline and I shall live to see this promise.

Ada Nwoko, I cherish you and I love you.
You are a blessing unto Nwoko family.
May you also remain blessed.

Your Daddy,

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